terms & conditions / splošni pogoji

1. Service provider

The General Terms and Conditions determine the manner of performing the Online Store service. The service provider is Uroš Židanek s.p ..

With each order, the user agrees and confirms the valid General Terms and Conditions as published on the website www.dropinboards.com during the use of the service.

Please read the General Terms and Conditions carefully before ordering each order and to place your order only if you fully agree with the General Terms and Conditions. Should you have any additional questions regarding the general terms and conditions, we invite you to call us on our telephone number 00386 41 599 541.


All published prices are in EUR (Euro) and include VAT.

The published prices are valid at the time of placing the order and do not have a predetermined validity.

Product photos are symbolic and do not guarantee product features.


3.1 order via the website

Select the quantity of each product and put it in the cart. Then follow the instructions at www.dropinboards.com.

3.2 order by phone

Call 00386 41 599 541. Tell the operator which product you want to order. It will tell you what information it needs to order.

The price of a call to 00386 41 599 541 is according to the price list of your operator.

4. Methods of payment

The customer can pay for the ordered products with cash on delivery for orders in Slovenia (not possible for products made according to the customer’s instructions) and with Paypal or by transfer to the bank account Uroš Židanek s.p ..

You will receive a pro forma invoice for the transfer to the bank account to your e-mail, usually by post / delivery service or by post / delivery service after collection. You can make the payment via the online bank, at the bank, post office or in the case of cash on delivery, you pay directly to the postman or delivery service. Shipment will be shipped within 10 business days of receiving payment. In case the product (s) is not in stock, we will inform you and agree on further steps.

5. Right to return items

 Pursuant to the provisions of Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act – the buyer may withdraw from the contract within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the goods by notifying his decision in writing to the following address or e-mail address: info@dropinboards.com.

 The buyer is not obliged to state the reason for withdrawal from the purchase, but is obliged to return the goods undamaged, in the original packaging, with the original labels and in the appropriate quantity with a completed return form and a copy of the invoice.

The goods must be returned by the buyer within fourteen (14) days after the written notice of withdrawal has been sent.

The original invoice and return form must also be attached.

The costs of returning the goods incurred upon the return of the object of purchase are paid by the buyer.

When returning one or more items purchased in the “3 for 2” campaign or a tied purchase, where the price of the second product was reduced due to the purchase of the first product at full price or calculation of a discount on a specific product due to exceeding a certain full purchase amount, all items must be returned.

If the package is physically damaged, lacks content or shows signs of opening, the customer must initiate a complaint procedure with Pošta Slovenije or active delivery service provider (GLS). The received package must be taken to one of the Pošta Slovenije branches in the same condition as when it was picked up and a complaint form must be filled out.

In the event of damage to the goods that did not occur during transport, you must also notify us in writing and fill out a complaint form within eight (8) days of receiving the shipment. Complaints will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law.

Address for returning or exchanging goods:

Uroš Židanek s.p.

road of Radomelj company 24.c

1235 Radomlje

We do not accept return shipments !

Refund of the purchase price for returned items will be made no later than 14 days from the notification of the return of items.

In the case of an item manufactured according to the customer’s detailed instructions or which has been adapted to the customer’s personal needs and is therefore not suitable for return, the product cannot be returned in accordance with Article 43 (5) of the Consumer Protection Act.

If the customer wishes, he can also agree to replace the item, if it is in stock.

6. Delivery and delivery costs

The delivery partner is Pošta Slovenije, but Uroš Židanek s.p. reserves the right to choose another delivery service.

All products are inspected and shipped undamaged before delivery.

Packages are delivered by Pošta Slovenije, which delivers most packages the next working day. The cost of packaging and delivery is paid by the recipient, namely;

SHIPPING TO                   PAYMENT                                         COSTS                                     TIME OF DELIVERY              FREE SHIPPING             

Slovenija                         Prepayment / Pay Pal                 3,05 €- 3,87 €                          1  – 3dni                             Orders above 70 €

Slovenija                         Cash on delivery                           4, 80 € – 5,34 €                       1  – 3 dni                            Orders above 70 €

Hrvaška                           Prepayment / Pay Pal                  7,57 € – 8,29 €                         1  – 3 dni                            Orders above 100€

Other EU countries      Prepayment / Pay Pal                   14,75 € – 17.10 €                       1  – 3 dni                            Orders above 100€

Items in stock are usually shipped to the forwarded address the next business day of the order, and no later than within 10 business days.

7. Privacy and data protection of the user

Uroš Židanek s.p. acts in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act. All data collected by Dropinboards.com as part of the notifications, as well as data generated during use, is collected, stored and used expressly for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, unless the explicit consent of the user or consultant on the wider use of data is provided.

The aforementioned data shall not be passed on to anyone, except exceptionally when it comes to the transmission of payment and settlement data. Uroš Židanek s.p. has the right to provide the responsible persons with access to the data through the online platform to the extent necessary to fulfill the contract. Consent to the use of data to the aforementioned extent may be revoked by a written statement of the consultant addressed to Uroš Židanek s.p.

By ordering the product (s), the user agrees that the company Uroš Židanek s.p. use his data for promotional, advertising and other purposes of direct marketing until a possible written revocation of consent. Direct marketing can be done by phone, regular mail, email or free SMS.

8. Disclaimer

The user should be aware that:

· The service provider cannot guarantee complete user satisfaction with the services or. products.
· The service provider cannot provide a level playing field for factors beyond its control.
· The service provider is not responsible for incorrect ordering of the service by the user.

9. Actual errors

The seller is liable for material defects that the thing had at the time the danger passed to the buyer, regardless of whether he was aware of it or not. The seller is also liable for those material defects that appear after the danger has passed to the buyer, if they are due to a cause that already existed before. A slight factual error is disregarded.

10. Complaints and disputes

Uroš Židanek s.p. respects applicable consumer protection legislation. The provider makes every effort to fulfill its duty, to establish an effective complaint handling system and to designate a person with whom, in case of problems, the customer can contact by phone or e-mail. The complaint is submitted via email to info@dropinboards.com. The appeal procedure is confidential. Uroš Židanek s.p. will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five working days, inform the customer how long it will take to deal with it and keep him informed of the progress of the procedure.

Uroš Židanek s.p. is aware that an essential feature of a consumer dispute, at least as far as judicial settlement is concerned, is its disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute itself. This is also the main obstacle to the consumer not initiating a dispute in court. That is why Uroš Židanek s.p. endeavors to the best of its ability to bring any disputes into agreement amicably.

11. Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with legal norms, we do not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that could be initiated by the consumer in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act. Uroš Židanek s.p., which as a provider of goods and services enables online trade in Slovenia, publishes on its website an electronic link to the platform for online resolution of consumer disputes (SRPS).

That regulation derives from the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation (EU) no. Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC.

12. General

The service provider may change the terms of service at any time, in particular if this is required by technical, commercial or public reasons. Any changes will be posted on the website www.dropinboards.com.

1. Ponudnik storitve

Splošni pogoji določajo način izvajanja storitve Spletna trgovina. Ponudnik storitve je Uroš Židanek s.p..

Z vsakokratnim naročilom se uporabnik strinja in potrjuje v času uporabe storitve veljavne Splošne pogoje, kot so objavljeni na spletni strani www.dropinboards.com.

Prosimo vas, da pred vsakokratnim naročilom Splošne pogoje natančno preberete ter da naročilo opravite zgolj v primeru, da s splošnimi pogoji v celoti soglašate. V kolikor bi imeli glede splošnih pogojev kakršnokoli dodatno vprašanje, vas vabimo, da nas pokličete na našo telefonsko številko 041 599 541.


Vse objavljene cene so navedene v EUR (Evrih) in vsebujejo DDV.

Objavljene cene veljajo v trenutku oddaje naročila in nimajo vnaprej določene veljavnosti.

Fotografije izdelkov so simbolične in ne zagotavljajo lastnosti izdelkov.


3.1 naročilo preko spletne strani

Izberite količino posameznega izdelka in ga dajte v košarico. Nato sledite navodilom na spletni strani www.dropinboards.com.

3.2 naročilo preko telefona

Pokličite 041 599 541. Operaterju povejte, kateri izdelek želite naročiti. Povedal vam bo, katere podatke potrebuje za naročilo.

Cena klica na številko 041 599 541 je po ceniku vašega operaterja.

4. Načini plačila

Stranka lahko naročene izdelke plača z gotovino po povzetju (ni možno pri izdelkih, ki so narejeni po naročnikovem navodilu), s Paypalom ali z nakazilom na TRR Uroš Židanek s.p..

Predračun za nakazilo na TRR boste prejeli na vaš e-mail, navadno po pošti/dostavni službi ali po pošti/dostavni službi po povzetju. Plačilo lahko opravite preko spletne banke, na banki, pošti oz. v primeru po povzetju plačate neposredno poštarju oz. dostavni službi. Pošiljka bo odposlana v 10 delovnih dneh po prejetem plačilu. V primeru, da izdelka/-ov ni na zalogi, vas o tem obvestimo in se dogovorimo o nadaljnjih korakih.

5. Pravica do vračila artiklov

 Po določbah 43. člena Zakona o varstvu potrošnikov – kupec v štirinajstih (14) dneh po prevzetju blaga lahko odstopi od pogodbe tako, da pisno sporoči svojo odločitev na spodaj pisan naslov ali e-naslov: info@dropinboards.com.

 Kupec ni dolžan navesti razloga odstopa od nakupa, vendar je dolžan blago vrniti nepoškodovano, v originalni embalaži, z originalnimi etiketami in v ustrezni količini z izpolnjenim obrazcem za vračilo blaga in kopijo računa.

Blago mora kupec vrniti v štirinajstih (14) dneh po poslanem pisnem obvestilu o odstopu.

Priložena morata biti tudi originalni račun in obrazec za vračilo blaga.

Stroške vračila blaga, ki nastanejo pri vrnitvi predmeta nakupa, poravna kupec.

Pri vračilu enega ali več artiklov, kupljenih v akciji »3za2« ali vezan nakup, kjer je bila cena drugega izdelka znižana zaradi nakupa prvega izdelka po polni ceni ali obračuna popusta na določen izdelek zaradi preseženega določenega zneska polnega nakupa, je obvezno vračilo vseh artiklov.

Če je paket fizično poškodovan, v njem manjka vsebina ali kaže znake odprtja, mora kupec sprožiti postopek reklamacije pri Pošti Slovenije oz. aktivnega dostavljalca (GLS). Prejeti paket je treba odnesti na eno od poslovalnic Pošte Slovenije v enakem stanju, kot je bil pri prevzemu ter izpolniti reklamacijski obrazec.

V primeru poškodbe blaga, ki ni nastala pri prevozu, nas prav tako pisno obvestite in izpolnite reklamacijski obrazec v osmih (8) dneh po prevzemu pošiljke. Reševanje reklamacij bo potekalo v skladu z določili veljavnega zakona.

Naslov za vračilo ali menjavo blaga:

Uroš Židanek s.p.

cesta Radomeljske čete 24.c

1235 Radomlje

Pošiljk z odkupnino ne prejemamo!

Vračilo kupnine za vrnjene artikle bo izvedeno najkasneje v roku 14 dni od sporočila o vračilu artiklov.

V primeru, da gre za artikel, izdelan po natančnih navodilih stranke ali ki je bilo prilagojeno strankinim osebnim potrebam in zaradi tega ni primerno za vračilo, vračilo izdelka v skladu s 5. odstavkom 43. č člena Zakona o varstvu potrošnikov ni mogoče.

Če stranka želi, se lahko dogovori tudi za zamenjavo artikla, v kolikor je le-ta na zalogi.

6. Dostava in stroški dostave

Partnerja za dostavo je Pošta Slovenije, vendar si Uroš Židanek s.p. pridržuje pravico izbrati drugo dostavno službo.

Vsi izdelki so pred dostavo pregledani in odposlani nepoškodovani.

Pakete dostavlja Pošta Slovenije, ki večino paketov dostavi naslednji delovni dan. Strošek pakiranja in dostave plača prejemnik, in sicer;

DOSTAVA                         PLAČILO                                                 CENA                                     ČAS DOSTAVE                  BREZPLAČNA DOSTAVA              

Slovenija                         Predplačilo / Pay Pal                        3,05 €- 3,87€                          1  – 3 dni                             Naročila nad 70 €

Slovenija                         Plačilo po povzetju                           4, 80€ – 5,34 €                        1  – 3 dni                             Naročila nad 70 €

Hrvaška                           Predplačilo / Pay Pal                        7,57 € – 8,29 €                         1  – 3 dni                             Naročila nad 100€

Druge države EU           Predplačilo / Pay Pal                        14,75 € – 17.10 €                       1  – 3 dni                              Naročila nad 100€

Artikli, ki so na zalogi, so običajno poslani na posredovani naslov naslednji delovni dan od naročila, najkasneje pa v 10 delovnih dneh.

7. Zasebnost in varstvo podatkov uporabnika

Uroš Židanek s.p. ravna v skladu z določili Zakona o varstvu osebnih podatkov. Vsi podatki, ki jih Dropinboards.com zbira v okviru prijav, ter podatki, nastali med uporabo, se zbirajo, shranjujejo in uporabljajo izrecno zaradi izpolnjevanja pogodbe, razen če ni predloženo izrecno strinjanje uporabnika ali svetovalca o širši uporabi podatkov.

Prej omenjenih podatkov se ne posreduje nikomur, razen izjemoma, ko gre za posredovanje podatkov o plačilih in obračunih. Uroš Židanek s.p. ima pravico, da preko spletne platforme odgovornim osebam omogoči dostopanje do podatkov v obsegu, ki je potreben za izpolnjevanje pogodbe. Privolitev za uporabo podatkov v prej navedenem obsegu se lahko prekliče s pisno izjavo svetovalca, naslovljeno na Uroš Židanek s.p..

Z naročilom izdelka/-ov se uporabnik strinja, da lahko družba Uroš Židanek s.p. njegove podatke uporabi za promocijske, reklamne in druge namene neposrednega trženja do morebitnega pisnega preklica privolitve. Neposredno trženje se lahko izvaja prek telefona, navadne pošte, elektronske pošte ali brezplačnih SMS sporočil.

8. Zavrnitev odgovornosti

Uporabnik se mora zavedati, da:

· Ponudnik storitev ne more zagotavljati popolnega zadovoljstva uporabnika s storitvami oz. izdelki.
· Ponudnik storitev ne more zagotavljati enakovrednih pogojev pri dejavnikih, ki niso pod njegovim nadzorom.
· Ponudnik storitev ne odgovarja za nepravilno naročilo storitve s strani uporabnika.

9. Stvarne napake

Prodajalec odgovarja za stvarne napake, ki jih je stvar imela takrat, ko je nevarnost prešla na kupca, ne glede na to, ali mu je bilo to znano ali ne. Prodajalec odgovarja tudi za tiste stvarne napake, ki se pokažejo potem, ko je nevarnost prešla na kupca, če so posledica vzroka, ki je obstajal že pred tem. Neznatna stvarna napaka se ne upošteva.

10. Pritožbe in spori

Uroš Židanek s.p. spoštuje veljavno zakonodajo o varstvu potrošnikov. Ponudnik se po vseh močeh trudi izpolnjevati svojo dolžnost, vzpostaviti učinkovit sistem obravnavanja pritožb in določiti osebo, s katero se, v primeru težav, kupec lahko poveže telefonsko ali po elektronski pošti. Pritožba se odda prek e-poštnega naslova info@dropinboards.com. Postopek obravnave pritožbe je zaupen. Uroš Židanek s.p. bo v petih delovnih dneh potrdila, da je prejela pritožbo, sporočila kupcu, kako dolgo jo bo obravnavala in ga vseskozi obveščala o poteku postopka.

Uroš Židanek s.p. se zaveda, da je bistvena značilnost potrošniškega spora, vsaj kar zadeva sodno reševanje, njegova nesorazmernost med ekonomsko vrednostjo zahtevka in stroški, ki nastanejo pri reševanju samega spora. To je tudi glavna ovira, da potrošnik ne sproži spora pred sodiščem. Zato si Uroš Židanek s.p. prizadeva po svojih najboljših močeh, da se morebitni spori sprožijo sporazumno.

11. Izvensodno reševanje potrošniških sporov

Skladno z zakonskimi normativi ne priznavamo nobenega izvajalca izvensodnega reševanja potrošniških sporov kot pristojnega za reševanje potrošniškega spora, ki bi ga potrošnik lahko sprožil v skladu z Zakonom o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov. Uroš Židanek s.p., ki kot ponudnik blaga in storitev omogoča spletno trgovino na območju Slovenije, na svoji spletni strani objavlja elektronsko povezavo na platformo za spletno reševanje potrošniških sporov (SRPS).

Navedena ureditev izhaja iz Zakona o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov, Uredbe (EU) št. 524/2013 Evropskega parlamenta in Sveta o spletnem reševanju potrošniških sporov ter spremembi Uredbe (ES) št. 2016/2004 in Direktive 2009/22/ES.

12. Splošno

Ponudnik storitev lahko v vsakem trenutku spremeni pogoje storitev, še zlasti, če to zahtevajo vzroki tehnične, komercialne narave ali vzroki, ki so na strani javnosti. Vsaka sprememba bo objavljena na spletnih straneh www.dropinboards.com.