About us


First memories I have are from sports. I was 4 y.o. when I was introduced to competitive skiing and I was competing till I was 15. Somewhere in between I have already picked up windsurfing, which was instant love, not so much in windsurf, as I later found out, but more into all sports with boards. With the end of competitive era I immediately changed the skis for snowboard and a year later I had to rip on skateboard too. In Slovenia we only have 43km of sea, but our neighbours, Croatia and Italy aren’t far and have great conditions for windsurfing and as we discovered, they have also pretty good wind swell.

First time I have paddled on a wave was in Croatia around 99 on a 100l race surfboard. Me and good friend of mine, Vid Florjanc, used a rope tied on foot strap on one side and the leg on the other instead of proper leash. It wasn’t comfortable but it did the job. We used what we had and we both got out after a session with a smile and a romance with waves, that still lasts today. Since that we surfed as much as we could in Croatia, Italy, Maroko, Spain, Portugal and France – Mostly Europe.

When the SUPs started emerging around 2010 I knew I had to have one, but the prices were too much for me at the time. With hobbies like RC modeling, being around workshops a lot of my time, surfing for more than 15 years and with accessibility of information over the internet, I have seen no obstacle in hand shaping and glassing my own SUP. I did two and I still ride one 7 years later. I sold the other.

I knew I had an artist in me but I just didn’t like my graphic designs and I didn’t want to follow mainstream couse that’s who I am. And so for a year I surfed on a white, plain, dull SUP until I met Nina Fortuna. She was just who I needed and our souls entangled immediately. It wasn’t long and my SUPs got a sick, original, unique handmade art ( Maka Anevay, Octosup) Soon after I shaped my first two custom surfboard for us. And again, the graphics were something else (Make my day, Flamingo).

When I travel and surf I also visit a lot of shapers and surf shops to get as much feedback on my work as possible. I embrace all the constructive criticisms and suggestions and later I incorporate them into our products.

I had a hydraulic press laying around in our family car workshop after my father closed it. So I figured, if I make a few modifications and make a mould I could also press my own skateboards. And so I did and Dropin boards was born.

We fell in love with our boards, it was perfect fit for our personalities. Since then we made more than dozen different boards. To bring smiles, joy and wooows at the handover is a big part of our reward for a job well done.


All boards are fun and most of them work. But we believe that having a custom board is just another dimension. Not only that the board is made by taking into an account your body variables, frequency of surf, level of fitness, type of the waves and technique, we also take care of your soul. All art is handmade and unique. Our mission is to create a board with you by recognizing your wishes and ideas. That way, the board you get is not just a sport toy but more of an extension of yourself, not only that it rips, it also looks sick.

Alongside all different kinds of surfboards SUPs and skateboards we also make surf and SUP racks, surf bags and T-shirts. Most of products are hand made by us.

We believe that cleaner environment is responsibility of every human, that is why we choose sustainable, degradable or natural materials like basalt fibres, bio based epoxy, whenever possible. We chose to use Epoxy resins over Polyester resins. Epoxy is much cleaner and superior to Polyester, which makes boards last far longer. We strive to use as few consumables as possible, reusing brushes, pots, gloves etc. We are economical in energy usage. We also handle trash accordingly the modern green guidelines. All the excess foam from the blanks goes right back to the foam factory.



Hard working shaper who got experience through years of modeling RC airplanes and tinkering in his workshop. Responsible for customer relations, quality control and board production. Expert in finding and making the right board shape for anyone. Strong believer in ‘’do it yourself’’ projects. Can’t work without a measuring tape and music. If not in the shaperoom he is skateboarding, surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding, SUPing or playing hockey.


His life goal is finding someone to pet him. Responsible for being cute and keeping other team members active by taking them for a walk. Expert in making any person go ‘’awwww’’ just by looking at them. Believes that you should always give him some of your food. Hates water but loves to SUP. In his spare time he likes to explore, chase cats and find perfect spots to pee on.