Play Dropin skater

Sorry, the prize challenge is over. But you can still play Dropin skater and try to beat the ALLSTAR record set by LUKA ŠTRUMBELJ.
We got a live leader board, so be shure to check how fast you are.

The raw, not for public version of this game was actually the best birthday present from my friends. After realizing its potencial, we decided to censure it, polish it and offer the first slovenian skate game for others to enjoy.

Be as fast as you can, collect all 5 skateboards and shoot all 10 dinosaurs down.

Dropin skater challenge prize winners:

1st prize: Luka Štrumbej – 29,850 s

dropin boards skateboard + Mob griptape + t-shirt + cap

2nd prize: Luka Morano – 30,349 s

t-shirt and beanie

3rd prize: Žan Žolnir – 33,267 s


4th-10th prize: 10% discount on our webshop


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