All boards are fun and most of them work. But we believe that having a custom board is just another dimension. Not only that the board is made by taking into an account your body variables, frequency of surf, level of fitness, type of the waves and technique, we also take care of your soul. All art is handmade and unique. Our mission is to create a board with you by recognizing your wishes and ideas. That way, the board you get is not just a sport toy but more of an extension of yourself, not only that it rips, it also looks sick.


All of our boards are made from scratch, entirely by us. From the block of foam to the end product. We use mostly EPS foam and Epoxy resins in combination with diferent kinds of fibers; Carbon, Glass, Innegra, Basalt, Hemp etc. Our Epoxy Surfboards will last longer, have less damage and almost no pressure dings improving their green level by over 300%. With elongation at break with up to 6% they are side by side with the best Polyester boards regarding the flex. EPS foam is more floatable so you can go a little smaller with your board, wich is always a good thing. All boards and art are handmade with care.


From quality CANADIAN maple veneer, single pressed, to immense joy riding parks, streets or pump tracks. We use canadian maple veneer, the industry standard for quality decks, which we sometimes combine with epoxy for the construction and beauty purposes. We do all kinds of boards; Skateboards, Cruisers, Pennys, Longboards, Waterboards and we love challenges. All Streetboards and art are handmade with care.

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