Lakai Griffin Boot Grey Shoes

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100% Leather This mid-top version of the staple Griffin has become the go to for additional ankle support. The upper features our popular clean toe construction with a seamless vamp and perf detail to increase breathability. Hidden midsole crating adds a layer of shock absorption for comfort, while unique tongue branding lends the finishing detail. The weather treated version adds additional water wicking linear and treated upper to protect against outdoor elements. Lakai Limited Footwear was founded in 1999 in sunny Southern California, where lots of good ideas are born. Their mission: equip the world’s skateboarders with the most stylish skate shoes around. Lakai skate shoes are designed with skate performance in mind, a fact with Lakai’s pro skateboarder founders, Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, take very seriously. Hmm. Does it seem like you’ve heard their names before somewhere? That’s not surprising: the same two dudes founded Girl.